two hands full…

Two hands full tomorrow – we’ll celebrate 10 years since saying ‘I do’.  We said a lot of other things that day.  We laughed a little during, we both got misty eyed, we held hands, we kissed, the waves applauding in the background.  It was a perfect day.  It’s one of my sweetest memories.


We sat swinging on the front porch last night, a solitary candle burning and a chorus of frogs around us.  We talked, we laughed, we sat close, leaning into one another as we’ve always done.


I keep a copy of your wedding vows in my Bible.  I won’t recite them all, but in them your promise to me was to, ‘honor you, cherish you, respect you, laugh with you, cry with you, and to be your place of refuge’ ending with ‘love you the best I can as long as God will allow.’

(heart sigh)


I think of those two people that stood there on that beautiful September day, toes in the sand, making promises, loving the best we could – I think of us and I smile.  We still stand together, we kept our promises and we’ve loved the best we can.

These 10 years have seen many changes, blessings, heartache, joy, love, sorrow, laughter, and on and on.  I look back and I’m thankful to have so much to look back on.  I’m most thankful that every season we’ve been through to this point has found us being there for one another.  When one of us is weak, the other strong.  Glad together, sad together, never having to stand alone.

On the front of our wedding invitation it said, ‘this day I will marry my best friend.’  I thank God for the truth in that.  I thanked Him this morning in my prayers and I asked that we have many more years on this earth to love each other.

In last year’s anniversary ‘homework’ I described you in 9 words – kind, patient, endearing, home-like, inspiring, copacetic, charming, genuine, unwavering.  This 10th year begets another word – a more encompassing one, ‘steadfast’.  In it’s realm of meaning, words like loyal, faithful, committed, devoted, dedicated, dependable, reliable, steady, true, constant….

Amen, again and again.

Thank you my darlin’ – thank you for being steadfast, for being my rock, for loving me so well, for making me feel cherished, for being my best friend, for honoring your promises to me ♥

I can’t know what the future will hold.  I think at this point we can laugh knowingly at the idea of future things – here, now, us – the right in front of us, that’s where it’s at, where it’s always been.  With that, I look forward to today and finding ourselves right where we’re at.  Where we pour a cold drink, we sit, we listen to music, we laugh, we sometimes cry, we revel in it all.  I hope the moments, the years, the decades – whatever is before us will be filled with love and goodness, sweet memories and in the best moments, the waves still applauding in the background ♥

love you whole heart – happy 10th anniversary my darlin’  ~me


One thought on “two hands full…

  1. So very, very sweet. Life is a challenge with all that we confront. Yet, faith and the love of another person connected so deeply within us provide a joy unlike no other.

    I enjoyed hanging out with Seth this week. I can’t wait to hear – and read – about your Winnebago adventures!

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